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Results ( 6 ) : 2015 - 2.


Authors: S. Smis

Progressing towards Peace? States’ Extraterritorial Obligations in Peace Operations and the Added Value of Human Rights Indicators

Authors: C. Breen

Abstract: Systemic inequality, also comprising violations of economic and social rights (ESR), raises the risk of civil conflict. International law and policy recognizes this link and peace operations, as mechanisms to maintain international peace and securi...

Corporate Liability in Regional Human Rights Courts: Expanding Jurisdiction in West Africa

Authors: D. Kearney

Abstract: Over the past twenty years, transnational corporations (TNCs) have amassed such power over global affairs that their influence now rivals, and often outstrips, that of States. Yet international law’s evolution has not kept pace with the rapid expan...

A European Judicial Dialogue on Refugee Rights?

Authors: F. Ippolito

Abstract: International judicial dialogue is composed of transnational interactions between international and/or supranational jurisdictions. It is a dialogue in the sense that the judges read and apply the logic of international judges in their own rulings ...

Health and Human Rights: in Search of the Legal Dimension

Authors: B. Toebes

Abstract: This paper explores the legal contours of the field of ‘health and human rights’ as a new and emerging field of human rights law. After an analysis of its conceptual foundations, it explains how health and human rights evolved from a phase of stand...

The Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict – A Legal Appraisal of Its Application and Development of International Legal Standards

Authors: M. Vlieks

Abstract: In 2005, the Security Council established the Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict in order to help implement its policy to ensure the application of international legal standards for the protection of children in armed con...