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Results ( 9 ) : 2014 - 2.

Analysing Users’ Trajectories in Human Rights: A Conceptual Exploration and Research Agenda

Authors: E. Desmet

Abstract: This article develops a research approach which can be summarised as ‘analysing users’ trajectories in human rights’. The key element of this approach, adopting a user’s perspective on human rights, implies a shift in analytical focus. Instead of a...

Perspectives on the ‘User’: Unpacking a Concept for Human Rights Research

Authors: M. Baumgärtel

Abstract: Adopting a ‘user perspective’ might open promising new avenues for human rights research, especially in a context of global legal pluralism that is characterised by a multiplicity of actors. This article evaluates the conceptual value of the approa...

Human Rights Cities: Urban Actors as Pragmatic Idealistic Human Rights Users

Authors: B. Oomen, E. Van Den Berg

Abstract: This article, based upon socio-legal research, discusses the way in which urban actors in four human rights cities in the Netherlands use human rights, with the objective of contributing to the users’ perspective on human rights developed throughou...

The Use of Documents Other than the European Convention on Human Rights and Its Protocols in Cases Before the European Court of Human Rights: Reflections from and upon a Users’ Perspective

Authors: D. Staes

Abstract: With globalisation has come a gradual increase in the diversity of documents situated within and outside the domain of human rights. Surrounded by this chaotic context, the judges of the European Court of Human Rights now import numerous and variou...

Effective Remedies as Capabilities: Towards a User Perspective on the Human Rights of Migrants in Belgium

Authors: S. Ganty, M. Baumgärtel

Abstract: Questions concerning effective remedies in refugee status procedures have recently received a lot of attention in Belgium, most notably in two significant high-level cases. The Belgian Constitutional Court found in January 2014 that the fast-track ...

Interpreting the European Convention on Human Rights in Light of Emerging Human Rights Issues: An Older Person’s Perspective

Authors: M. De Pauw

Abstract: Older men and women have been identified as facing many human rights violations, yet provisions protecting this category are scattered over a large number of highly diverse instruments. Notwithstanding increased calls for a global binding instrumen...

Indigenous Peoples as Users of Human Rights: Pushing the Boundaries of Indigeneity and Influencing International Law

Authors: D. Inman

Abstract: In an attempt to determine the applicability and depth of a ‘users’ perspective’ in relation to indigenous peoples as rights holders, the first part of this article will trace how indigenous peoples have been recognised, or defined, at the internat...

Justice Delayed is Justice Developed: Questioning the Rush to Judgment in Post-Conflict Prosecutions

Authors: P. Mcauliffe

Abstract: The international human rights community’s insistence that criminal punishment for human rights abuses is a matter of immediate priority disregards the serious stability and rule of law-based impediments to immediate justice, exaggerates the utilit...