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The New EU Rules on Non-Financial Reporting: Potential Impacts on Access to Remedy?

Authors: R. Chambers, A. Yilmaz-vastardis

Abstract: This article addresses an important but not directly visible development arising from a new EU Directive introducing mandatory human rights reporting for certain large companies domiciled in the EU. The new Directive requires parent companies to re...

Human Rights in Global Supply Chains: Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Procurement in the European Union

Authors: O. Outhwaite, O. Martin-ortega

Abstract: The global supply chains of multinational enterprises are complex and multi-tiered, often involving many stages of production and spanning several jurisdictions. Important questions remain about how to ensure that human rights are respected in thes...

Business and Human Rights Abuses: Claiming Compensation under the Brussels I Recast

Authors: M. Requejo Isidro

Abstract: Procedural factors have proven crucial for access to compensation remedies against corporations in human rights-related cross-border cases. The Recast of the Brussels I Regulation was a unique opportunity to facilitate the way to court in this sett...

The Enforcement of Corporate Human Rights Due Diligence: From the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to the Legal Systems of EU Countries

Authors: M. Fasciglione

Abstract: The UN Framework on Business and Human Rights and the 2011 Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights are built upon the corporate responsibility to respect human rights and on the corporate human rights due diligence duty. The paper addresses...

State Commitment in Implementing the UNGPs and the Emerging Regime of National Action Plans: A Comparative Analysis

Authors: M. Bordignon

Abstract: The recent growth of the international business and human rights (BHR) agenda has led to the emergence of an unprecedented debate regarding the role of the State in protecting human rights from corporate-related violations, as provided by the first...

Cleaning Dirty Hands? Some Thoughts on Private Companies, Migration and CSR in the European Union

Authors: T. Bloom

Abstract: Migration is so far little discussed in the CSR literature and CSR is little discussed in the migration literature. Where these discourses do come together, it is most commonly regarding how private companies affect migration patterns, the need for...

Towards a Holistic Approach to Business and Human Rights in the European Union

Authors: J. Letnar Černič

Abstract: The global business environment has changed rapidly in the past few decades. Some corporations have faced sharp declines in revenues, whereas others, particularly from Asian and South American countries, have taken over the position once held by co...