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Results ( 5 ) : 2016 - 2.

The Concept of Human Rights – Dissolving the Universality- Plurality Puzzle

Authors: A. Förster

Abstract: The paper addresses the question of how the universal claim embedded in the concept of human rights can be reconciled with a pluralism of sets of human rights norms, in an attempt to resolve the tension between universality and plurality in the hum...

Converging Perspectives, Cross-cutting Approaches: Assessing Voting Cohesion in UNHRC Regional Groups

Authors: C.B. Pavese

Abstract: With 47 members allocated into five regional groups, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is organised under the ‘equitable regional distribution principle’. In addition to being allocated to these formal groups, when adopting a strategy...

Universal Human Rights? Exploring Contestation and Consensus in the UN Human Rights Council

Authors: A-L- Chané, A. Sharma

Abstract: The UN Human Rights Council was established to remedy the alleged politicisation of its predecessor. Despite the institutional changes made, commentators have observed that regional and political blocs continue to steer the agenda and that the way ...

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation: Universal Human Rights, Islamic Values, or Raisons d’état?

Authors: T.J. Gunn, A. Lagresa

Abstract: The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (Organisation of the Islamic Conference prior to 2011) is an intergovernmental organisation consisting of 57 states, most of which have a Muslim-majority population. The OIC represents itself as speaking for ...