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Results ( 7 ) : 2007 - 2.

The Limits to the Exclusive Responsibility of International Organizations

Authors: J. D'aspremont

Abstract: This contribution grapples with the legal dimensions of accountability and, in particular, with the issues pertaining to the responsibility of international organizations for internationally wrongful acts. This contribution argues in favour of a co...

Legal Mechanisms to Establish Accountability for the Genocide in Srebrenica

Authors: O. Spijkers

Abstract: This article deals with accountability in the context of the Srebrenica genocide. It looks at various ways in which accountability is-or can be-established for violations of human rights committed by the main perpetrators, the state, and the United...

Human Rights of International Civil Administrations to the People Subject to Administration

Authors: L. Cameron

Abstract: There are a number of competing, somewhat controversial theories regarding the binding quality of human rights obligations on international organizations administering territory. However, despite considerable lip-service to the principle of account...

Holding the Security Council Accountable for Human Rights Violations

Authors: E. Katselli

Abstract: The proliferation of international organizations has been widely welcomed as enhancing the rule of international law. Yet, the (negative) impact of such proliferation on human rights should not be ignored. This contribution addresses one specific a...

Human Rights Accountability of the WTO

Authors: G.M. Zagel

Abstract: The aim of this article is to examine ways in which to improve the human rights accountability of the WTO. The study determines whether and what substantive standards enshrined in international human rights law are relevant in the WTO context, and ...

Identifying the Actors Responsible for Human Rights Violations Committed Against Staff Members of International Organizations: An Impossible Quest for Justice?

Authors: R. Boryslawska, L. Martinez Lopez, V. Skoric

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to identify actors responsible for the lack of protection of staff members of the European Patent Organization (EPO) in particular; and thereby of other international organizations in general. Currently, the protectio...