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Results ( 4 ) : 2010 - 2.

Islamic Law and the Responsibility to Protect

Authors: M. Vanhullebusch

Abstract: The aim of this article is to examine the influence of Islamic law and in particular Islamic law of war upon the doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect as currently supported by the international community of states to intervene upon humanitaria...

The Contribution of African Human Rights Traditions and Norms to United Nations Human Rights Law

Authors: M. Mubiala

Abstract: African States and their legal experts and scholars have made an important contribution to the work and operation UN human rights bodies. In this context, they have succeeded to inject some innovative regional concepts and norms in the UN human rig...

Challenging Culturally Dominant Conceptions in Human Rights Law: The Cases of Property and Family

Authors: L. Peroni

Abstract: Dominant interpretations of human rights in the West have been increasingly challenged before the European Court of Human Rights by a range of actors, including immigrants and Europeans from immigrant origins as part of their quest for inclusion in...

The Interplay between Human Rights and Development the Other Way Round: The Emerging Use of Quantitative Tools for Measuring the Progressive Realisation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Authors: G. De Beco

Abstract: This article concerns the interplay between human rights and development. This interplay has usually only been considered in one direction (human rights → development). The article considers the possibility of studying the interplay the other way r...